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We at Gamaliel of California have a bold vision for developing leadership and building grassroots power throughout California. Rooted in shared values and collective vision, Gamaliel of California’s goal is to engage grassroots leaders to participate powerfully in decision-making tables that impact their lives. We believe that those most impacted by problems of poverty, racism, xenophobia, ableism, over-incarceration, and other pervasive problems should have a voice in developing and designing the policy solutions that will create opportunities for them, their families and their communities to truly thrive in our State.

We cannot make our vision a reality without you! Join us and support the work of justice by making a tax-deductible Investment to Gamaliel of California today. Your generous investment helps us to make real our vision to participate in building a just and equitable state in which all Californians thrive. 

All Investments in Gamaliel of California are tax-deductible and will go directly into our organizing on the ground (virtually for now) and expansion work.


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To give by check, mail to:  Gamaliel of California, P.O. Box 503, Graton, CA 95444

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