Welcome to Gamaliel of California

Gamaliel of California is a statewide network of values-driven, regional organizations that transform communities and create systemic change through community organizing.
We organize regional power organizations made up of institutional members connected through shared values, collective vision, disciplined organizing, nd direct action to create a powerful platform for the new majority Californians to enter the public political areana and seek justice. 

Our Vision is to participate in building a just and equitable state in which all Californians thrive. 



What We Believe...

Gamaliel of California believes in the rights of all Californians to live in a just and equitable community where policies that govern reflect our shared values. 

We believe that the people most negatively impacted by the exploitative economy, poverty, and racist structures that oppress us must be involved in crafting and driving the solutions to the problems and issues that impact our lives.

We believe that with training, disciplined organizing, focused strategy, transformative action, and power, we, Gamaliel of CA, can shoulder alongside others to build a just and equitable state for everyone and simultaneously develop innovative and values-driven leaders for the future. Our vision and methodology requires that all people - regardless of race, ethnicity, language, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, status, income, community - work collectively.

We believe that direct, intentional community organizing is a necessary and durable pathway to enhance justice and increase equity.  As our organizations develop, unknown and unexpected leaders who have previously not engaged in democratic processes emerge as eloquent and courageous spokespeople and actors for change. 



What Sets Us Apart

We organize the organized: Through community institutions, we organize those already organized and in relationship with one another. Our work is grounded in research and a dynamic power analysis of each region. We take on issues that are grassroots-driven, winnable, and mandate partnerships.  All organizing is focused on building power using leadership development, issue campaigns, public actions and accountability to develop leaders in the public arena. 

We train leaders: We create transformation through rigorous and sustained leadership training. Gamaliel has a reputation for creating sophisticated and successful leaders from all walks of life.  They are challenged to build and use power to impact their communities positively.  Our bilingual and bicultural team of professional organizers provide training in English and Spanish and in other languages when needed.  


"Leadership training was an opportunity to create many new relationships with social justice warriors, to interrogate and update my understanding of how change works, and to wrestle with questions of faith, values, being, and action at this moment."   


        - Kathryn Gilje, Executive Director Ceres Trust and Leader in Genesis


We are Led by Organizers of Color Focused on the CA of Today, the Rising CA Majority: Seeded and anchored by a core team of persistent, driven organizers of color, nourished by ancestral traditions and disciplined organizing; guided by faith and values, this statewide, multiracial, interfaith network holds the foremost goal of inviting people powerfully into the political process of building deep democracy. We do this in service of flourishing and fair lives, communities regardless of their race, ethnicity, age, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, and ability for the health and well–being of the earth. 

We have a national vision: Gamaliel of California is an affiliate of the Gamaliel National Network - a nationwide web of regional and statewide leader driven power organizations who apply their faith and values to the pursuit of equal opportunity for all, shared abundance, and stronger, more prosperous communities. The national staff provides consulting, training and support to leaders and staff across the network's forty-four affiliates in seventeen states.  As part of this network, Gamaliel of California expands its reach, training capacity, and messaging as it bands together with other affiliate organizations to develop a collective base of grassroots organizing power.




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